ROTTERDAM 2021 ■ Do not rule out Netherlands

recensies 2021 - templateDenmark 2000, Estonia 2001, Latvia 2002, Belgium 2003, Austria 2003, Finland 2006, Lithuania 2006, Italy 2011, Austria 2014, Netherlands 2014, Latvia 2015, Georgia 2015, Belgium 2016, Moldova 2018. What do these entries have in common? Just to gave you a quick reminder: which were the songs from these countries in those years? ‘Fly On The Wings Of Love’, ‘Everybody’, ‘I Wanna’, ‘Sanomi’, ‘Weil Der Mensch Zählt’, ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’, ‘We Are The Winners’, ‘Madness Of Love’, ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’, ‘Calm After The Storm’, ‘What’s The Pressure’, ‘Love Injected’, ‘Warrior’, ‘My Lucky Day’. Still no clue what connects these entries? It shouldn’t be thàt hard, as song-wise they certainly are very different. So something else is connecting them. But what? ■ By: Gert Waterink ■

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ROTTERDAM 2021 ■ Pre-rehearsal predictions

recensies 2021 - templateTomorrow, after two cruel years of waiting in a pandemic driven society, the rehearsals for the participating nations will kick off again. Eurovision, finally, is back….with a bang! And although I won’t be travelling to my home nation, I think it’s informative for those Eurovision betting professionals to get a good grip on what to expect. And above all it’s also fun to read some pre-rehearsal predictions and compare them with my final predictions the evenings before the two Semi Finals and the big Grand Final on Saturday. ■ By: Gert Waterink ■

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EUROVISION 2021 ■ Big production challenges, big legacies

How Eurovision productions on Dutch soil are met with bad luck…..and opportunities

What a year it was. A tremendous reduction of Eurovision participants. Quite a few countries decided not to travel to The Netherlands. A contest that was plagued by politization of one participating nation that wasn’t exactly democratic. So it was a very lean affair, and obviously lots of fans were hoping that the ‘good old’ contest would return to normal again in future years. ■ By: Gert Waterink ■

Yet, I am not talking about the 2021 contest here. Hardships in Eurovision did not just happen last year and this year due to the Corona Pandemic. No, I was actually referring to the 15th Eurovision Song Contest of 1970 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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GERT’S MIND ■ Democratic traditions are about accepting loss as well

A week or so before the 2016 US presidential elections I started seeing problems for Hillary’s path to victory. Donald Trump could be elected president for real. On numerous occasions I compared the real estate mogul with other right-wing populists in The Netherlands: Geert Wilders, the late Pim Fortuyn and most recently the young Thierry Baudet. Lees verder

AGENT 007 ■ Have no fear, James Bond is here!

Widget Nieuwe Blog 3<<This story was originally written on July 21st>>. For quite some time I have been worried about the current course of the Bond-franchise. In a previous guest article on Bill’s Spy Command website I tried to lay out some key financial and managerial bottlenecks the James Bond franchise is facing. Being currently a rather stale and, quantity-wise, relatively unproductive franchise (apart from a growing range of expensive merchandise for the richer men and women aged 35+), I closed my arguments with some important questions that could either help 007 moving forward in the most effective way possible or make it a brand lost in some obscure collective memories from aging men and fans.By: Gert Waterink

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GERT’S MIND ■ Voorzichtigheid met democratische grondrechten in Corona-tijd

Al in de eerste week van maart dacht ik: Oe, de Coronacrisis wordt erger dan de crisis in het midden van het Interbellum (1918–1940). Deze pandemie gaat uiteindelijk de boeken in als dé perfecte aanjager van zaken die eigenlijk sinds 9/11 langzaamaan een chronisch onderdeel werden van onze samenleving: toename polarisatie, populisme, angst, discriminatie, anarchie (protesten), hashtag-‘emancipatie’, digitale schaduw-wereld (social media), alternative facts, fake news en digitalisering, maar óók afname van democratische vrijheden, (invloed van) traditionele journalistiek, incasseringsvermogen, sociale cohesie, empathie, naastenliefde, duurzame (!) lange-termijn emancipatie, financiële solidariteit en de ooit zo sterke zelfredzame middenklasse. By: Gert Waterink

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AGENT 007 ■ The lost effectivity of ‘spoiler warnings’ (no worries, no spoilers!)

Widget Nieuwe Blog 3The Bond fan community is a diverse community. Whether it concerns a 007-podcast producer from The United Kingdom or a collector from Bond posters in Germany. Whether we look into a Facebook Group run by a more conservative Bond fan or a fan whose site really services all Bond fans across planet Earth: we all have our opinions about the franchise we cherish. Early this month, something big happened again in the world of Bond. Something that brought about a huge stream of strong opinions. Perhaps not something that I will recall fondly of coming years. Because some big plot elements from “No Time To Die”, the 25th Bond-film, were leaked….if not thé biggest plot twist. By: Gert Waterink

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